Top 25 Brutal Bosses in Video Games


Challenging bosses often make for the most memorable moments of their respective games, but designing a fair boss fight is far from an easy task. As a matter of fact, many developers go out of their way to make these encounters as tough as possible. The following list will shed light on bosses who made us yell obscenities and throw our controllers at the TV in frustration. Here are 25 of the most brutal bosses in gaming.

25. Zeus, God of War III


It took Kratos three full games to get to the final confrontation with the emperor of Olympus and it’s fair to say that the final battle was worth the wait. Aside from being visually stunning, this fight is famous for its many twists and turns. Will we ever forget that screen-turns-red moment at the very end? Probably not. A satisfying conclusion to an unforgettable trilogy.