The 25 Most Bizarre Video Game Controllers Ever


Video game controllers have evolved so much from the joysticks and one or two-button pads of yesteryears. The hallmark of technology came in Xbox 360’s wireless pad and PlayStation’s Dual-Shock. These video game controllers check all the boxes. They are comfortable, functional and are generally all round good devices.

However, they’re not all created equal. Throughout the history of gaming, we’ve seen some very bizarre and crazy devices. Some of these controllers are plain and pointless, while others are super outlandish. In this article, we list down 25 bizarre video game controllers ever produced…. check it out!

1. Wu Tang: pad from PlayStation

Den Of Geek

This is not at all crazy when you look at it, it is just basic controller after all. What makes it rather bizarre is the fact that functionality of the control pad lies within arguably the most poorly designed video game controller casing you can ever get.

It was said that the controller was to promote the Wu-Tang fighting game called Shaolin Style. In fact the pad, which had a Wu-Tang logo shape, was quite popular at the time. However if you look at it today you immediately see that it was way off the mark. In addition, it also didn’t have analog sticks and it had no vibration… which are two must-haves any decent controller these days.