The 25 Worst Wearables Ever


The arrival of gadgets such as Google Glass and the Apple Watch seemed to herald the dawning of a new technological craze—the wearable. However, consumers weren’t ready for expensive but essentially pointless first generation wearables. Google Glass was never successful, and the Apple Watch is still not as popular as Apple had hoped. Are wearables still just around the corner? We’re not sure. For now, check out our list of the 25 worst wearables ever that tried too hard to jump on a stalled bandwagon.

The DrumPants

Drum Pants

We’ve started this list as we intend to go on—with a piece of wearable technology that is just a bit silly and designed to turn you into a social outcast. In case you haven’t already figured out what the DrumPants do, they allow the wearer to generate a range of drum sounds by tapping different areas of their legs. The pants contain sensors which, when touched, connect to small speakers. Admittedly it’s quite a fun concept, but at $189 DrumPants are quite an expensive laugh.