The 25 Best Internet of Things Devices


The internet of things connects devices and home appliances over the Internet. Everything from Smart TVs to connected fridges can make your life easier (for the right price). While the Internet of Things (often called IOT) is still in its infancy, more and more appliances are interconnected to our phones, computers, and apps. Check out the top 25 Internet of Things devices.

1. Amazon Echo


The Amazon Echo is a cylindrical speaker and computer which can listen to the user and respond to voice command. The Echo can play music, read audio books, answer questions, deliver traffic and weather forecast reports, order pizza, control lights and thermostats, or even order Uber for you to get out of your home. It’s now connected to a suite of IOT devices in the Amazon Echo family that use the Alexa AI assistant. While some people are concerned about privacy issues and hacking, other people like the convenience and ease of use.