25 Most Bizarre Cell Phones Ever Made


The modern cellphone of today are sleek, stylish and well-made – so who would have thought that they had weird, out-of-this world designs and features that would make you scratch your head and say, “huh”? Some of the phones listed here take on strange shapes, rely on an absolutely bizarre marketing gimmick, or can’t really be even considered as cell phones. Here are 25 bizarre cell phones ever made!

25. Motorola ROKR E1


More affectionately known as “the iTunes phone”, the ROKR E1 appeared in 2005 as the baby of the partnership between Motorola and Apple. The idea was that the ROKR E1 should be able to access your iTunes library wherever you go. But there was just one bottleneck- the smart phone couldn’t hold more than a hundred songs at a time. Plus, uploading took too long and it was too cumbersome. ROKR E1 owners realized it was much better to just use their iPod nano to enjoy music on the go.