25 Iconic Nokia Phones


Nokia dominated the mobile phone market for more than two decades and made some out-of-this-world phones. While Nokia might not have the same appeal as it did in the past, we can all remember one of these 25 iconic phones made by the tech giant! Here are some of the Top 25 iconic phones made by Nokia to take you back in time while we wait for HMD to release updated versions of classic Nokia phones including the colorful 3310.

Nokia Cityman

This was the very first mobile phone manufactured by Nokia. It was released in 1987 and was regarded as sleek and high-end at a time when people only had bulky phones on their desk or attached to the wall! It was available in both 450 and 900 editions (representing the operating frequencies). This handset established Nokia a major industry player in just one year and helped the Finnish company secure about 15% of global mobile phone market by 1988.