25 Green Technologies That Can Save the Planet


From carbon dioxide emissions to floating islands of plastic garbage, we humans have been sadly successful in making a complete mess of our beautiful planet. This has already begun to have an impact on our lives: changing weather conditions, rising temperatures, depleted fish stocks, smog, and pollution. Even if you don’t believe that global warming will impact your daily life, green technology can make the planet cleaner, safer, and happier. Check out 25 such green technologies that can save the planet.

1. Artificial Photosynthesis

The process of photosynthesis absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and generates clean oxygen. Artificial photosynthesis is aimed towards replicating the same effect. This technology is still in its preliminary stages but could be used to help create clean fuel for hydrogen cells. This procedure is also a great way to reduce the carbon dioxide levels in the air, and for this reason, it has captured the attention of scientists from all across the globe.