25 Computer Viruses That Are Actually Harmless


Computer viruses can be frustrating at best and terrifying at worst if they compromise your personal information or credit cards! But those viruses evolved from simple pranks at the dawn of the information age. Programmers were often just experimenting with new technology and showing off their coding skills. Here are 25 harmless computer viruses that you no longer need to worry about.


Brain Virus on Priceonomics

BRAIN was created in 1986 by two Pakistani brothers, Basit Farooq and Amjad Alvi, who created and marketed medical software in Lahore, Pakistan. The two brothers were exploring the DOS operating system. They knew that the OS was vulnerable and wrote software that would enable them to track their products and minimize piracy. Still, the virus consumed 7KB of memory and slowed floppy drive performance. The two brother received so many calls to reverse the effects of the virus that they had to change their contact information! This was the first virus that we know of that ever spread from computer to computer as people installed the medical software.