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25 Emerging Technologies of the Future


We live in a changing world. Technology is rapidly evolving and changing the world around us. Over the coming decades, we can expect stunning upgrades to our electronics, radically new healthcare options, and advanced robotics. Behind the scenes, there will be massive changes in manufacturing and distribution that change the way we do business. Also, plan to ditch your car—you won’t need one in the garage anymore. And that’s just the beginning. Here’s our list of the 25 coolest emerging technologies.

1. Autonomous Vehicles

The idea of having a car that drives itself is exciting enough, but driverless cars will change what it means to use a car. Why own a driverless car, when you can simply call one to pick you up? The whole shape of a car may change when there is no driver. The seating arrangement could be more social. Perhaps cars will have four to six seats all facing inward with a table in the center for your laptop or lunch. Autonomous cars may even reshape our communities with more efficient roads, shorter commutes, and less air pollution.