25 Crazy Inventions That Made Millions of Dollars


If anybody ever said that you can only become a millionaire if you work very hard, there is a very big chance that they do not know it all. Sometimes, all it takes to become a millionaire is a grand idea! This has been proven time and again by a few people who have come up with some of the craziest things you will ever see and yet, those very things have helped the inventors rake in millions.

Today, we are going to review 25 crazy inventions that have helped people become millionaires. There is a very high chance that you may have at least heard of a few of them, if not purchased them yourself!

1. Slap Bracelets

Aww Sam

Stuart Andrews was able to hit the jackpot with his invention of the slap bracelets. You could simply slap these on your wrists and they curl around to fit your wrist. This product earned him a whopping $6-$8 million in 1990 alone. Would you believe it that he has only a high school teacher before he became a millionaire with this entertaining product?