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    10 Games That Consumed Real Lives

    Advertisement Video games are meant to be casual fun. But sometimes video games can be too addictive. They hook you in and never let go. These games take over your social life and destroy any relationships you may have. Sometimes these games can even compromise your job or your safety. You may get arrested, beaten, […]

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    25 Best Horror Games

    Advertisement Video game developers have always been able to dish out spine-chilling horror games time and again. Even more, than a horror film, playing the game keeps you on the edge of your seat and your heart racing as you control the hapless character that’s creeping from room to room—and you have to keep going. […]

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    25 Emerging Technologies of the Future

    We live in a changing world. Technology is rapidly evolving and changing the world around us. Over the coming decades, we can expect stunning upgrades to our electronics, radically new healthcare options, and advanced robotics. Behind the scenes, there will be massive changes in manufacturing and distribution that change the way we do business. Also, […]

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    The 25 Worst Wearables Ever

    The arrival of gadgets such as Google Glass and the Apple Watch seemed to herald the dawning of a new technological craze—the wearable. However, consumers weren’t ready for expensive but essentially pointless first generation wearables. Google Glass was never successful, and the Apple Watch is still not as popular as Apple had hoped. Are wearables […]

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